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They may never come back.

When I was young, my mother baked a lemon drizzle cake. I had never had it before this moment.

I ate a slice.

And I was as sick as a dog.

To this day, many years later, I have never eaten lemon drizzle cake ever again.

I won’t even go near it.

Yes, I know I was probably ill at the time and it was nothing to do with the cake.

But I will never eat that again. You can’t even pay me to. It has even generalised to lemons! The thought of lemons makes my fingers tingle.

If a customer has a negative experience with something, they are more than likely to never return to that object.

The same goes with your social media.

One bad experience with your social media and they may be put off, they may never return to your website or your products.

77% of customers said they would choose a brand over a competitor if they have had a positive experience with the brand’s social media.

So, how do I provide a positive experience?

Be active!

Post regularly, once a day will be most effective, there may be a drop in effectiveness if you post too regularly. Updates through the day on stories allow your brand to feel more personal, your audience can see the face behind the business.

People buy from people, so say hello to your stories!

Interact with your audience.

Ask them to engage with you, ask questions in your posts. If they reply, reply to them. Thank them for commenting.

Comment on others posts, be seen anywhere you can

Always reply to direct messages, allowing the customer to feel appreciated.

Include necessary information

Contact information may be why your customer has landed on your social media. The main phone number should be included in your social media.

Location information may also be necessary to your social media experience, allowing your customers to be informed of where to find you allow them to feel like they have taken value from your social media.

Through providing a positive experience on your social media, your audience is 77% more likely to return to your company than a competitor.

It may just be worth taking a few snaps through the day to improve your customer’s experience.


One bad experience can generalise your whole brand. Show everything that is brilliant about your brand, on your social media platforms, website

Do not provide them with any lemon drizzle cake.

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