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Who We Are

We are the new generation of Digital Marketing…. We are Digital Edge.

Let us introduce ourselves, starting with our directors...

Ian Proctor is one of four of Digital Edge’s directors. Working within many industries has taught Ian the true strength and power of communication. Understanding a client's need from the get-go allows for great synergy and collaboration. Typically you may find Ian going to speak to our clients, drinking coffee or asking you a philosophical question.

Our next director is Scott Purslowe. He’s a coding wizard. And he's Australian. Through his dedication and persistence, Scott is now shaping the generation of website development in the UK and beyond with his development of Wix Velo. Scott simply asks his clients exactly what they want their system to do, and he does it.

Another one of our directors is Graham Marsh. His creativity is the driving force behind Digital Edge's creative and unique graphic and web design. Forward thinking, innovative and fresh ideas are at the heart of any project taken on, always keeping a keen eye on contemporary details and fresh ideas.

Our last director is Jo Purslowe. Not only does she keep the hive buzzing, but she also manages the day to day workings in the office. Her experience from previous roles as a software developer, as well as an education in HR and accounting, has provided Digital Edge with a solid base for a powerful group.

Our lead content creator and social media manager is Ellie Shooter. Ellie came straight from college into work. Speak to Ellie and she exceeds her years but maintains a youthful, fun and incredible drive. In the short time, she has been with us, she has proved she can write and understands the marketing world.

Adam Sayers is our lead graphic designer. He is a real perfectionist. Coming out of University with a first-class honours degree in Graphic design, his skills suit any sector. No work comes out slapdash or half-done, that’s just not his style. If you are wondering, his style is minimalism and he does it perfectly.

Next, Becci McDonald deals with our accounts and admin. Through work in various sectors, she has collected a host of experiences in customer relationships and organised accounting. She keeps everything running smoothly here at Digital Edge. Honesty and openness are at Becci’s heart, keeping everything real. Living life to the fullest is what she lives by.

Last but not least, Jack Williams. Another genius coder at Infuze. He has recently become a Wix Velo Expert. Resilience drives him, he never lets anything beat him. Jack is extremely persistent, committing 100% to any given task. He is responsible for keeping spirits high in the office with his quick wit. He has been described as “good looking”... you can come and judge that for yourself.


That's all of us.

As a team, we are extremely powerful. We have extensive knowledge in many sectors, meaning we go above expectations for each client.

We stay true to our core values; creativity, collaboration and outstanding value. We care for our clients as we align our values with them, allowing a dynamic synergy, leading to our outstanding value.

Redefine your online presence by collaborating with Digital Edge today. We take you beyond, so let’s join forces.

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