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Our Solutions

Businesses encounter issues every day.

Some may be an easy fix, some won’t be.

Do you have an issue with your brand exposure, website, social media?

Maybe you aren’t being found by the right customers.

If any of the statements are true to your business, Digital Edge has your complete solution.


You want to be on the first page of Google. Who doesn’t? If you want to be found easier by your target audience, you need to deliver your product to them with bright neon arrows and signs saying “Hey, this is what you want!!”.

SEO on your website can lead to increased traction to your website, potentially meaning more customers. But, your product will be found by who it should be found by. We provide SEO packages, catered to budgets and goals, so your brand can become more visible.

Social media management

In an ever-growing digital world, it is more important than ever to be present online. Social media is ubiquitous, if you have a business, it can be on social media.

Some business owners do not have the time to be pushing out 7+ posts a week for each of their social media channels. This is where Digital Edge comes in.

We also have social media management packages, to fit your goal and budget. We can manage and run your social media channels, improving organic reach, leading to more engagement and more customers.


We have an absolute coding wizard on our team. When you come to Digital Edge for your coding solution, you will talk to Scott Purslowe who will make your dreams come true. Reimagine the ‘impossible’ with Scott, he can create systems you never thought were possible.

After consultation between yourself and Scott, we can find out exactly what you want your website to be capable of. We specialise in software development, making expert systems for a better price.

Bespoke and tailored systems will ensure your business runs smoothly and with less hassle. Focus on new things within your business after you collaborate with Digital Edge.

Website creation

Wix is our playground. Digital Edge is one of Europe's top Wix website developers. Our team is packed with graphic designers and coders who have a keen eye for detail, functionality and user experience.

We have a Wix Velo Expert on our team, he is contacted by Wix themselves to solve issues, that’s how outstanding he is. After consultations, we can design your new website, create it on Wix and publish using your unique domain name.

We believe in power to the people, assuring you have control over any action taken concerning your website. With a new website, your business will have a growing online presence, deeming you as a reputable and reliable brand. SEO work may be carried out on your website, assuring you and found by your target audience.

Graphic Design

Do you have clear branding for your company? Branding can build a relationship between you and your audience, establishing you as a reputable and loyal company.

We have a team of dedicated and expert graphic designers. If you are needing some graphic design or logos and branding, Digital Edge can provide you with a bespoke service. Giving power to the people is our motto, we assure you have control over your own end product.

After discussing the culture of your brand, we can create graphic designs that suits your company. Our team are more than capable of navigating your business through its next phase of growth with eye catching designs and clarity. We make it, that customers know who you are before they speak to you.

Graphic Design

Traditional marketing is still extremely powerful. We design and print any hard copy design you may need. Business cards, posters, leaflets, brochures, vehicle graphics, menus, whatever you need for your business.

Our team of graphic designers can find out exactly what you want and how you want it executed.

Be found in your local area with hard copy design from Digital Edge. Many overlooked marketing techniques may be the most effective, going back to basic may have the most potent effect.


We help you jump over many of your business marketing hurdles. We take you beyond the Digital Edge, getting exposure to your business.

Consult with us, let us know your needs so we can provide you with outstanding value.

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