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What We Do

With the online landscape ever growing, it is crucial to be online. Be online, be seen, be reliable. If you have come to an 'edge' in your knowledge and need help bridging the gap, we can help.

Social Media Management

It is rare to find someone who does not use social media. It is vital your company is visible on social media. You may not have the time or expertise. But Digital Edge does.

We offer various social media marketing packages, depending on your goal and budget. With each package, we can guarantee the growth of the natural audience.

In turn, leading to exposure to your company. We can send you flying towards your goal with any of our social media packages.

Web Design and Creation

Our website developers will meet with you to assure we wholly understand your needs, expectations and theme for your website. After working alongside our content creators, we can begin to plan and develop the skeleton of your website.

Once both parties are completely happy we will begin to develop your website in Wix.

Digital Edge gives power to the people. You will have control over your website, it should reflect your brand identity. We can adapt to your ideas. Head to our website to look at some of our previous websites,


We have some coding wizards here at Digital Edge. We specialise in all things Wix Velo, helping to transform your website. We can do almost anything but here are some examples; Third Party API Integrations, Customisation of Wix Stores, Customisation of Wix Bookings and Custom Built Forms.

Many of these may allow your website to offer a better customer experience and save you money. Wix Velo can nearly do anything.

By that we mean, since starting a business we have not had to say no to a client due to the incompatibility with the Wix Product. Have a chat with our team about your ideas, we can make your impossible, our possible.

Graphic Design

Many hard copy marketing techniques are still extremely powerful and influential. Meet with our graphic designers, explain your ideas and your brand identity. We can turn your brand into a marketable product.

Whether you are wanting business cards, posters, leaflets, vehicle graphics or menus. Anything. Digital Edge can design and create your new promotional material.


Your website may not be performing well as it could be. We can fix that. Search Engine Optimisation allows your website to be found by your target audience.

Our process can make you rank higher on Google. We offer many different SEO packages, depending on your business model and budget.

Included in all packages are keyword research and various reports, allowing you and your customer to see the benefits SEO brings. Kick-start your website today by contacting Digital Edge. We simply get you found online.

Content Creation

Our team has dedicated content creators. Once we have complete information about your business, we can create outstanding content for your website or other platforms.

We are considerate of Google’s rankings, making sure to include plentiful keywords and use appropriate H1’s and H2’s.

We can provide content for websites, hard copy design, and social media. Wherever you need content. Let Digital Edge take you beyond.


That's just a short overview of each service Digital Edge provides. Our team has a host of knowledge in a variety of sectors, allowing us to offer you a complete digital marketing solution.

When you’ve come to the Digital Edge, let us be the beacon to guide you.


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