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No one cares about your email.

I’m sorry to tell you that.

Truth hurts...

Before you grab the tissues, hope is not lost.

Of course, you want your email marketing campaigns to be successful with high open rates and even more conversions!

But you’re not going to get that with them blanket and slightly bland emails you have been sending out.

Again, truth hurts. Very sorry.

We live in a fast-paced digital world. By that we mean, your audience are skim reading and moving on.

Inboxes can become crowded and cluttered with the same promotional emails and taglines.

“20% off all items” ... I yawned just typing that.

So, how do you stand out and thrive in your audience's inboxes?

The main point is to be different!

As mentioned, we receive the same promotional emails. I would bet my right foot that you don’t click on the advertising sludge that floods into your inbox.

With the aim of being different, here are some tips to boomf up your email marketing campaigns:

Be unique with your taglines!

Your tagline is the most important thing in the whole email. You can have the best content in the world but if your tagline isn’t catchy, no one will click to see your amazing content.

Things to consider when creating your taglines are: Is this engaging, or empathetic, or emotive, or educational?

Real emotions create real reactions.

Another great element you could add to your tagline is a dynamic feature to input the clients first name. It immediately turns your generic email into a personalised email, grabbing your audience's attention.

Have a scout around where you create your email marketing campaigns. Can you add the clients first name to the tagline? If yes, DO IT!

Be real!

We understand the trap of wanting to sound professional and business-y.

This is the 'norm', it is what every company does.

Not me and you. We want to stand out, don’t we?

You may have heard the saying ‘people buy from people’. And it’s true!

If you write with personality, it feels like you are speaking to a real-life human.

We know you’re interesting, so portray that through your writing. Type like how you speak, to an extent. Remember to still be professional, just don’t type like a robot.

Keep it short.

If your email goes on, and on, and on... no one is reading past the first line.

A simple hack is to cut it down.

Write your copy, as long as you need it to be. Then chop it down.

Highlight what is MOST important, keep that. The rest, delete.

You are looking for 50 to 125 words. This is enough to get your message across, but not enough to send them off to sleep.

Include a ‘Call To Action.’

A Call To Action is an endpoint. It’s where you want your customer to head.

It might be ‘have a look at our website’ or ‘call us.’

It will act as a signpost of where to head next.

This could lead to increased leads or exposure for your business. All the good stuff.


These simple tips can firstly increase your open rates, and secondly, increase your click-through rates. Which is the ultimate goal of creating email marketing campaigns.

So, please stop sending me boring emails.

I will not be opening them. I will be keeping my right foot.

If you are just far too busy to plan and optimise your email marketing campaigns... we know what makes a cracking email. I mean, we just wrote this blog.

Shall we stand out in your client's inboxes? Give us a call, or head to our 'Contact Us' page.

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