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11 Questions to Ask on a First Date

No, this isn’t a blog pulled from Tinder.

You may be looking for a new website or a redesign.

There are various website design companies, each has its own techniques, processes, and software they will use to develop your website.

Digital Edge will be different to any other company, with our process and how we can develop your website.

You want to find the right fit for you. A company that synergises with your own. They may have a process that works in harmony with yours.

To get a good idea of the product your design agency may produce, ask questions!

Imagine an initial consultation is like a first date... You want to get a good scope of a person before you decide on a second date.

So, here are some questions you may want to ask your potential web design agency, plus our answers... so you don’t need to take us to dinner.

What Website Applications do you use?

You may be looking for a company that has worked on similar projects to what you may be requesting.

Digital Edge are Wix Masters. We specialise in Wix and have been using the platform since 2017.

Wix has advantages and disadvantages, like any other website development platform. However, our team have been working on the platform long enough to easily provide a solution to any problem.

Will you be reviewing my existing website?

This is always a great one to ask as it may cut down the timeframe for your final website, meaning it can go live much faster.

If the content on your existing site is current and up to date with your company, this can 100% be reused. This will save you time, as you will not have to provide us with any further content.

If we feel that we need more, we will get in touch. Either you provide additional content, or our in-house content writers can help.

What is your design process?

This can give you a good indication of the company's experience.

Do they have a standard operating procedure? Do they use a management system?

This can also provide you with peace of mind that your web design process is smooth and efficient.

Our standard procedure allows for rapid and efficient development. To learn more about this, we are more than happy to explain to you, give us a ring! (Sneakily asking for your phone number there, we try to flatter).

Here at Digital Edge, we use our own CRM, developed by our software specialists. This allows project information to be tracked and keeps us within a timeframe for the completion of your project.

How long will the timeframe be for my website?

After a brief consultation with a web design agency, they should be able to give you a timeframe that reflects their calendar.

Every timeframe will differ, however, there are a few things that can speed up the completion of your website.

Having written content, it can be edited straight into the site.

Images. If you need a photo shoot, this may push your timeframe back.

A basic idea of what you want on your website. If you know you will need x amount of pages, or you have x amounts of products to go on your store... we will be the ones taking you out to dinner.

What will you need from me before you start my website?

This is similar to the one above.

Content, images, and a good idea of how you want your website to look. This helps us to develop an idea for the wireframe of your website.

However, our in-house content creators and graphic designers can fill in the gaps.

Another useful tool would be other websites that you like the feel and theme of, this helps to develop our understanding of the style of website you want.

We will also need log-in information for your domain (if you previously had a website), so we can point your new site towards your existing domain.

Does SEO come with my site?

When asking about SEO in web design, your designer should be able to tell you if it will be integrated throughout.

This could mean making your content keyword heavy or integrating SEO into each page of your website.

Although Digital Edge may not be SEO experts, we certainly know tried and tested techniques and SEO best practices. These come with the price of your website.

Who will be my point of contact?

When having your website developed, you may want to touch bases or discuss potential ideas for your website.

With Digital Edge, the person who had the initial consultation with you will most likely be your project manager.

For example, if you had been speaking to Graham about the development of your website, Graham will most likely be the designer that is working on your website.

Throughout the working day, our phones are on. So, if you have any questions about your website, we will be there to help!

Do you have a portfolio of work?

This can provide you with a clear and visual idea of what style your web design agency has and what type of work they do.

When looking at your designer's portfolio think to yourself: Are the visuals clear? Are basic elements, like alignment, to a high standard? Is their work attractive? Is it mobile responsive?

The answers to these questions will give you both, A) A good understanding of their experience as a web designer and, B) If they seem like a company you want to work with.

You can find Digital Edge’s portfolio of work here.

Do you use templates or do you build from scratch?

Some designers may offer templates, this could mean rapid development. However, you may be confined to the limits of a layout.

Other web design agencies may need to build your website up from the ground with coding.

Not us.

We use Wix, a drag and drop platform.

Although Wix does offer templates, we don’t use them. We will understand the style you are looking for and the requirements for your website and design from that.

This doesn’t come with a premium price, it is all part of our outstanding value.

Will my website be secure?

No one wants their site to be open to bugs and hackers.

Most web design agencies will use web design software that offers good security for their websites.

We can only speak for ourselves.

As you may know by now, we use Wix. Wix’s security is second to one, for more information on Wix’s Security, read more here.

How can I use my website?

So, you’ve got your brand new website! Now what?

Wix offers clients a user-friendly dashboard that can be used to upload blogs or send email marketing campaigns.

A website from Digital Edge comes with training on how to use our dashboard and how this could benefit you. We can discuss this on our 3rd date.

Well, have you ever been on a first date as long as that?

I feel like we know everything about each other now, I can feel the spark!

How about we swap numbers and meet up again soon? So we can ask you all about your new website.

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