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Make the change.

My car is an old dear.

She came to me, 4 owners later, a bit cranky with faulty brakes.

Everything got fixed... apart from the time display. She has been mine for over a year, all the year she has been displaying the wrong time.

My formula was taking the time it's displaying, minus an hour and add 6 minutes.

My motivation was not strong enough to take the time to change it because I had my way around it.

However, last night it was fixed! I am trying to unlearn the habit of fixing the time.

The truth is that calculating the time in my head took more effort than actually just changing the time. Now I can just read the time like normal and it took seconds to change.

In our lives, we can settle for what we have always done. We are creatures of habit.

A solution can be just around the corner, we may choose to not venture there.

Is there something in your working day that takes unnecessary time?

It could be inputting data into a management system, taking time out of your busy day to keep organised. It may be sending emails to leads with the same information, again consuming time.

What if we told you there was an easier way, saving you time to use efficiently elsewhere?

The answer, automations!

Automations are the process of creating software and systems to replace repeatable processes and reduce manual intervention.

For example, a dashboard can be tailored to your company needs. A Wix dashboard can store and manipulate databases, data can be entered and edited to fit your needs.

Digital Edge has created a 100% tailored dashboard page for a Job Listing company. The client can easily add jobs directly through their dashboard.

Through easily filling out a form on the dashboard, entering all the information for the job and publishing the form, the job is added directly to the listing on their website.

This enters a filtering system directly, so a job seeker can filter their search to bring up appropriate jobs for their search.

This takes out a large chunk of manual intervention, populating their website immediately through the dashboard of their website.

Depending on your business processes, tailored automations can be put in place to take the weight off your workload.

Through freeing your team of repetitive tasks, concentration can be placed elsewhere. Look at all this spare time you could have?!

If you find yourself carrying out mundane and repetitive tasks, there may be automation available for that.

The best way to find out? Ask!
Our software specialist will be able to research and develop a plan to automate your tasks, freeing up time within your job or company.

Taking the time to discuss and plan your automation will become more efficient than carrying them out daily. It is now easier than ever to integrate automations into your company.

So, don’t leave it for a year like I did. Looking back in retrospect, it would have been a whole lot easier to just change the time rather than do basic maths each time I looked at my clock.

Although it was fun to live in the future, it is definitely time to start living in the present!

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