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How to write really boring content.

Honestly, this content is really boring.

There are no gifs.

Or bright colours.

Or cool transitions in the content.

Or illustrations or infographics.

Proper boring, yawn.

So why are you still reading?

Maybe, it’s not actually boring.

It’s just simple.

Nothing overtly fancy, or crazy.

It’s simple and concise.

Our attention span is very small, with the popularity of apps such as ‘TikTok’ which provide instant gratification.

Even with fancy features such as a video, your audience will get bored if you are not being concise.

The goal with content is not to tell your audience everything, but to make them understand the point.

We understand the want to tell your audience absolutely everything, and a little bit more.

However, they have clicked on your content to learn and be educated about a specific point, not about the topics around it plus more and more.

Content writing contains many variables.

For some businesses, long and professional content may be the way to go. Or just keeping it plain and simple may be the sweet spot for others.

Today, we are going to talk about how to convey your message in a concise way which suits your business.

How can you do that?

Firstly, what’s the point you want to make?

What do you want your audience to understand about your product, your service, your brand, and your values?

Once you know what you want your audience to understand, then you start to plan your content.

Now to the content.

Think about your audience and their demographics such as their age, gender, status...

What type of content will they want to consume most?

But remember, think about your message throughout and how you can efficiently convey that.

Can you provide real life examples or statistics for your products?

This instantly provides people with personal opinions and tangible evidence.

If you do not have any statics, go to your audience. Ask them how they would review your product/ service.

Words are powerful.

We could say ‘Words are quite like... strong. They mean a lot.’

Or, we could say ‘Words are the key to emotions’.

How you speak publicly about your brand is how people will perceive it, so make it sound sexy!

Combining this all together, we will give you an example.

You own a business that sells hair products.

You want to convey that your hair products are natural and leave your hair shiny and silky.

So rather than saying “Our hair products start from £9.99 a bottle and leave your hair feeling smooth. Containing natural ingredients”...

You can say “Silky hair, naturally sourced, for just £9.99”.

Or “Naturally caring, naturally sourced hair care for £9.99”.

Keeping it short and sexy.

Content is king!

While making sure your content is powerful and right for your audience, make sure people will enjoy reading it and don’t get bored.

Remember, simple isn’t boring.

Think about your message, what you want your audience to understand and how you convey this!

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