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Why you really don’t ‘just want a website’.

You’re about to make an investment.

Might be a car, or a house, or a new watch.

Would you walk into a dealership and say ‘I just want a car’?

Would you search into Google ‘Just a house near me’?

Would you walk into the shop and say to the assistant ‘I just want a watch’?


Let’s be honest, you just wouldn’t!!!


You’re about to make an investment, which you will have in your life for a while, you need it to be right.

You would research beforehand to make sure you are getting exactly the product you want.


So when you’re looking into a website for your company, you want a website that is right for your business and is exactly the product you want. This is not ‘just a website’.

When a client comes into the Digital Edge office and says ‘I just want a website’... you see the team die a little inside.

Come on, please stop slowly killing our team.

If you are looking into getting a website for your business, here are some elements to consider stopping the light going off in our teams' brains:

Do I actually need a website?

Just ‘because all business have a website’ doesn’t mean that you need one.

If it doesn’t fit with your business model, or you have no purpose for a website... then you might not even need one.

It’s better to focus on another area of marketing if you think a website is just not worth it for you.

Not too sure if this applied to you? Our team will pick your brains and help you.

What do you offer?

Do you sell products? If so, how many products do you sell at one.

Do you sell a service? If so, how many?

Do you sell anything at all? Or are you a blogger, or is this an online portfolio?

The intent of the website is where the design will come from.

Our knowledge of websites allows our team to know how many pages you will need, based off what you offer as a business.

This will also let us know what elements you will need on your website, such as a Wix store if you are wanting to sell online.

Do you have any branding?

I mean...

We can make a plain website...

If you want...

You don’t want that? Well, you don’t ‘just’ want a website.

If you have any existing branding that works for your business, let us know. We will smoothly run this through your whole website. Visuals speak loudly.

No branding? We’ll that’s not a worry, we have a team of graphic designers who are here to allow your brand to breath with fresh and creative designs.

For more information on branding, check out our graphic design page here.

Do you want advanced capabilities?

We don’t want to scare you with this one.

Let us give you an example, would you like to retrieve information from an external source?

Such as having your social media feed on your website?

Or Google Maps?

Or a payment portal, such as Stripe?

Maybe you would like triggered emails?

For example, when someone purchases a item from your shop, you get a triggered email with their information and item.

Or, when someone enquires for your service through your site, you get an email to set up a meeting.

Yes, you can have a website, but what else would you like it to do?

Rather than thinking ‘I want a website’, think ‘What issues do I currently face which can be solved with my website?’.

Think about what you would love your website to do.

Think outside the box. Think ‘best case scenario’.

Your impossible is our possible.

Have some ideas? Door is open and your chair is pulled up.

Get in touch with our team today!

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