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Does your Wix website need a refresh?

A refresh.

Might be a nice hot shower at the end of the day, or a good old walk.

Whatever it means to you, we can all agree it gives you that extra oomph!

Well, your website may be needing just that.

Your website may be the hub of your online presence, where your prospective customers head first to learn about your business and your offering.

However, over time, websites can become dated.

A marketer once said, “A website is never finished”. Over time, your business will change and evolve: your services, ethos, culture and many other elements.

Websites should reflect your business, which is why your website may benefit from a refresh.

What may indicate your Wix website may need a refresh?

Your bounce rate has increased.

A bounce rate is the percentage of viewers that leave your website without taking action, indicating there may be an issue with your home page.

This could be many things, such as navigation or eligibility.

There’s a difference in your website content and social media content.

This may be your branding, your content, products or anything else which reflects your business.

If you’re sending your customers to your website from your social media and they’re seeing an incongruence, they may get confused.

It’s good to ensure your business has the same representation over all your platforms.

Less customers contacting you through your website.

Again, this may be an issue with your current navigation or a lack of call-to-actions through your website. This may be seen as a minor adjustment, but it can lead to major changed.

Digital Edge can help you adjust your website to fit where you are now.

How will we do that?

A Wix Website Review.

Firstly, our graphic design team will take a scroll through your website. We will review your existing elements, your layout and other design elements to make suggestions which will make your website work harder for you.

Content refresh.

If your content no longer reflects your business, we can adjust your content to suit your business.

Making edits.

Our design team will make edits on the pages of your website. These may be small changes, however they create a big impact.

This may be editing the layout of your website, so it runs more smoothly, improving the legibility of your text, improving the navigation of the whole site and assessing your overall website to find areas of improvement.

How will this benefit your website?

A refresh can turn your existing website into something new and sparkling.

Your customers will be able to navigate around your site with ease, with thorough layout planning from our team which will decrease your bounce rate.

Through added calls-to-action, your customers will be able to navigate to your contact page.

Overall, your website will become equipped for your customers to use and create actions on your website... which is the ultimate goal.

If you want to take your website for a good old walk through the park for a breathe of fresh air, or a nice hot shower to feel rejuvenated, Digital Edge are here to help you.

Digital Edge are Wix Experts and have a range of skills within our team to provide you with high-quality design, content, navigation and expertise for your website refresh.

Get in touch with a member of our team today to enquire about your website refresh, or any questions on your website refresh! We are happy to help.

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