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A Conversation with... (Why Wix is great for your website)

"Digital Edge, will you shut up about Wix.”

No. No we will not.

We love Wix. Not the kitchen people, and not the German translation (Google it at your own risk).

Wix, the website development platform.

Digital Edge have been using Wix for over 8 years, we have watched the platform grow and develop, and we have adapted to each new feature.

We know lots of other companies love Wix, which is why we have created this blog series called "A Conversation With..." . We will be speaking to other Wix Website companies about why they love Wix and the capabilities it provides its users with.

To start this series, we are discussing our opinion on Wix, and we love using it and the features which make it as powerful as it is today.

Wix Velo, which is Wix’s own code, can be developed in both the front end and backend of Wix to create new functionality for your site or can provide you with a fully automated software solution. Which is one the reasons we love Wix, its versatility means it is an ideal solution for any size or sector business.

Wix is robust, holding the ability host beautifully designed websites with stacking to ensure your site looks brilliant across all screen sizes. Behind all of that, bespoke systems for all sectors can be built with different communications between various connections.

The power in both the frontend and backend of Wix mean’s your ideal website is a real possibility.

Business owners experience pain points in their working days. Issues that niggle them or slow them down or slow the business down – these are pain points.

Don’t just tolerate these! There is a solution out there to your issue, then what will that leave you with: a streamlined process, with less issues and improved time efficiency.

Let’s get down to the real and tangible solutions that Wix can provide you with!

Wix Apps

Wix have their own apps that can be implemented into any website to increase the functionality of the website.

For example, Wix Stores is the perfect solution for E-Commerce business that are looking to sell online. This app is easily downloaded onto a website, then from that you can design your websites product pages and cart pages. Provide your customers with an optimised sale experience with in-cart previews, express checkout and delivery times.

Each app that is developed by Wix is jam-packed with added functionalities which may fix issues you didn’t even know you had.

For example, if you are in E-Commerce, sales can be up and down, we all know the triumphs of business. However, with the Wix Stores app, you can set up triggered emails to customers with ‘abandoned shopping carts’ to reignite their interest in your items.

Some other examples of Wix apps which may be perfect for your industry are: Wix Hotels, Wix Bookings, Wix Blogs, Wix Restaurant Orders... to name a few. You can guess the functionality that may come with each of these, and if you read one and though “Oh! I like the sound of that” then click here to learn more about Wix Apps and what they could provide your Wix website with.

Mobile Friendly-ness.

Although we probably don’t want to admit it, we are glued to our phones. It’s not bad, it’s the world we now live in... So why not just embrace it?!

It is highly likely that your potential customers are interacting with your brand on their phone.

If your website is not stacking correctly, the elements are all over the place, the text is too small or large to read... your audience is clicking straight off.

Wix allows for designed to be suitable for different screen sizes. With the ‘mobile view’, your website can be viewed and edited for mobile screen, so you can ensure your website is looking beautiful on both larger and smaller screens.

With the advanced Wix platform called Editor X, which allows for more responsiveness, your website can be designed for multiple screen sizes including tablet. This makes your website more accessible to a wider range of audiences.

Get a website that looks great on all devices and get with the times.

Custom Elements

Whether you have designed your own site, or gone through an agency, you may have encountered a barrier with set elements.

You want a form on your site to collect X, Y and Z information for your customer.

But wait... nope. You can only have these couple of boxes, and you cannot collect the information you need.

Slap to the face, right?

Another brilliance with Wix is the ability to customise their off-the-shelf elements, forms is an example of this.

We have wizards on our team, they may not have come straight out of Hogwarts, but they are some of Wix’s most recognised coders across the entire globe.

Our coders can fully customise any Wix elements, so you can collect the information you need, or you can send your customers to where they need to be.

And the best part... You don’t need to splurge on premium plans. Wix Velo is a great invest which provides great returns.

For more information on the custom elements which can be implemented into your website, check out our Wix Velo page here.

Backend capabilities.

Get your head out the gutter!

The backend of your website is the internal workings behind the front end.

Your website is thriving from the front end and looking beautiful!

What’s next?

Wix’s backend and dashboard has features to improve your companies marketing strategy.

No more subscriptions with Mail Chimp, email marketing is built into your website. That’s right, all in one place. Any users that interact with your forms and input their email address will be logged in the backend of your site.

For your campaign, you can edit the pre-designed templates that Wix designs and copy over your information, or you can start from scratch and design your own email marketing campaign.

This is brilliant for a range of sectors, monthly updates and newsletters keep your already engaged audiences up to date with promotions or sales.

Wix Blogs can be added to your site and managed through the backend, in a similar manner to the email marketing campaign. You add your text, your design and boom. A blog is a great way to keep your website active (and Google loves to see that).

We’ve just touched the surface. Wix has countless brilliant elements which can be applied over a range of sectors.

Digital Edge have seen Wix excel in sectors from the beauty industry to steel erection, from to restaurants to garages. A mixture of velo and design can turn your ideas into reality. A website that does exactly what you want it to be.

Next on our blog series, we will be speaking to 'Smoogle's Design'. Follow us on social media for updates!

We have been using Wix since 2017 and have literal wizards on our team, we are here to listen to your needs and provide you with the outcome you have dreamt of.

Contact us with enquiries here.

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