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Are you ready to be scared?

Happy Halloween, Witches!

It’s spooky season...

Pumpkins are being carved.

Scary films are taking over TVs across the globe.

And people are getting well and truly spooked.

Digital Edge are also getting spooked, but not by ghouls or ghosts or things that go bump in the night...


Much worse than that...

So much worse...

Spooky facts.

They are terrifying the bejeebers out of us!!!

You might be thinking ‘what a bunch of nerds,’ but trust us, you are also going to be concerned.

Let’s lay the scene.

You work in an office.

In front of you is a monitor and a keyboard.

You’re tapping away at your keys, doing your daily work with some number work weaved throughout.

It gets to Friday... Working week is done.

You’ve spent a third of your working week doing admin-based work.

This is a fact.

Office workers typically lose an average of 33% of their working week carrying out repetitive admin tasks, no matter the role.

We told you it would be scary.

If you work 7.5 hours a day, that's 37.5 hours a week.

Which means, you may spend over 12 hours a week doing repetitive administrative work... which could be avoided!

We told you that would scare you.

Now, if you are the director or owner of your business... it’s even scarier.

Are you shocked?

You may not even realise you do it. It may be so normal for you to input that number, follow up with that client, put information from point A to point B...

But it’s chewing away at your working week.

Think of what else you could have been using that time for...

Okay, now we’ve sent shivers through your spine... here’s our solution for you.

A bespoke system, filled with treats and no tricks.

Digital Edge are masters of Wix and Wix Velo.

You probably have never heard of Wix Velo, so we will introduce you to it seen as we are bunch of nerds.

Wix Velo is basically a coding language. Wix websites can be advanced using Velo, which adds new functionality to a website through development.

On the front end of a website, you can get custom forms, custom calculators, integration of Third-Party API’s and so many other fancy features.

“They’re all great, but what's the point here?”

All that time you’re using on admin work... Velo can solve that all for you.

A bespoke system which has been built for your business can streamline all these little admin task and automate them, so little to none manual intervention is needed by you or your team.

Let us give you an example.

A CRM system is a powerful tool for any business.

We can create a bespoke CRM system that suits the systems within your business.

How would we do this?

We get to know your business.

Your daily roles, your systems, where you save your information, where you run your businesses systems, the challenges that you face in your role, what you would like taken off your daily work load.

Over to our software team.

We will run them through your processes and what you want your software to do.

They will plan the workings of it, create flowcharts and plan what will communicate with what.

All the little details you want, they will be added.

What could this be?

Say you follow up with leads in your daily workload.

We could build a system which would send an automated email to your lead on a date you choose, as an example as a small section of what your CRM could be.

Our software team will get to work.

Honestly, you should hear the buzz that comes from their fingers going at 5000mph typing code.

Using the ‘Developer’ feature in Wix, we will start to create a fully bespoke system, complete with dashboards designed with user experience in mind.

Once we have all the systems in place, it’s time to test.

We will endure all the functions work as they should, with no tricks, and all in working order.

When everything is perfect, it's over to you.

We will sit with you and explain all the features and how to optimise your new system.

What will this mean for my business?

All those pesky, repetitive, and frankly boring admin tasks will be no more.

Your new system will automate it all for you, so you simply tell your system what to do and it’ll do it.

You can then be freed up to focus on other areas of your business, such as sales or marketing.

You now have 12 hours which you may have not had before.

How do I start?!

Give us a buzz!

We are ready to sit with you with a nice cuppa and discuss systems, what irks you and what we can do to help!

Head over to our ‘Contact Us’ page and get in touch with us today.

We’ll stick the kettle on.

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