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How to get your eCommerce ready for Christmas!

As we speak, Michael Buble is somewhere defrosting.

You know why?

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...”

That’s right, love it or hate it, it’s coming.

There will be many Christmas references weaved throughout this blog, because we aren’t grinches... #sorrynotsorry.

November is a time when people (organised people) start their Christmas shopping to beat the rush and inflation of Christmas prices.

We hate to bring up the C-word around this festive time.

But... Covid-19 largely impacted buying journeys with many shifting and sticking with buying online.

With the simplicity that companies like Amazon offer, it’s no wonder people would rather stay at home for their shopping.

In 2021, it was suspected that 48% of UK consumers would purchase all their Christmas shopping online. (

That’s nearly 50% of the whole UK is buying their festive goods online!

You’ve probably noticed the glitz and sparkle of Christmas decorations starting to make their way into the supermarket, and the decorations are starting to make their way into shop windows.

So, the high street shops are starting to get all dressed up and fancy...what about your online shop?

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start preparing both your online stores and your marketing in preparation for Christmas.

Let’s have a look at your online store then, shall we?

Firstly, is it working?

Are you sure that your online store is in working order?

Can the customer view their basket on any page of your website?

It is simple to carry out payment?

I know, these are simple features, but if they are not right, people will be clicking right off your website.

Tis’ the season to do a trial run on your website to ensure that your store's functionality is in working order.

Time to spotlight!

Do you have a new and exciting product?

Or, is your best seller a firm favourite?

You want them to sell, of course, but they’re nestled between your other items. Let them sparkle and shine!

A strip on your website's home page which advertises your featured product and links to your online store brings attention to one specific product.

Or could you make this product appear first on your online store, so it’s first seen by your customers?


When a customer is adding a product to their basket, is there an opportunity to sell them a complementary product?

For example, if you are selling something electronic, could you also suggest that ‘customers also buy batteries.’

Not only does this solve a customer's problem, but it means their original order is upscaled.


Your products are being sold year round, so the normal description will fit that.

However, when it gets to Christmas, do you think those descriptions scream ‘Christmas Time!!!’?

Preface your normal descriptions with ‘why your kids will love this for Christmas’ or ‘why this gift is perfect for your partner this Christmas’.

The customer can then picture this item as a good present for Christmas, rather than something they could have bought 3 months ago.

Remember shipping dates!

This may not be directly about your online store, but you’re going to want to remember this!

If you are guaranteeing your customers ‘delivery by Christmas’ then you must remember shipping deadlines.

Check the deadlines with your delivery companies to ensure you are getting parcels out on time!

Now, your marketing...

Christmas campaign.

For both ECommerce and physical shops, Christmas is prime time.

You expect to see your sales fly like reindeer at Christmas.

What comes before that is great marketing.

Starting with social media...

have you started displaying your best products and why they are a present Christmas gift?

Have you started to introduce sales or bundle deals?

Are you sticking with the same posting style, or have you jollied your posts up with Christmas graphics?

Social media is a great way to visually show off your products in posts, reels, stories and videos... the choices are endless! Create beautiful masterpieces that display your products!

Speaking about visuals, do you use Pinterest? Pinterest is filled with home interiors, clothes, jewellery, and outdoor items... if you think your product has a place on Pinterest, get it on!

Email campaigns are your key to segmenting your products.

For example, you may sell a range of homeware goods, some are more female targeted and some are more male targeted. Segmenting your audience and writing content specifically for that audience allows you to direct your message to those who will best receive it.

These will be the most likely people to click through and consider your product.

Remember through each piece of content that you create, how will this influence their buying journey? Will this piece of information persuade them to continue with their journey?

If you have already started your Christmas marketing campaign, think about how you can best utilise the platforms which are available to you.

Digital Edge are Wix website design specialist, so if you want to create a winter wonderland on your Wix website up and optimise your online store, get in touch with us today.

Our graphic design team are here to help your website look merry and bright with Christmas graphics and bring Christmas joy to your website.

Get in touch with our team today to deck the halls this Christmas!

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