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A Conversation with Matt Konarzewski.

Welcome back to our blog series where we speak to different Wix agencies from across the globe about all things Wix.

I told you we love Wix; we can’t shut up about it.

For this blog, we spoke to Matt Konarzewski from Vision Marketing, a UK-based Wix specialist. Matt is a Wix Partner and has recently appeared on the Wix Partner Blog for his advancements with the platform. Vision Marketing started back in 2016 after creating a website for his wife’s cleaning business.

Matt edited a template and applied his design and marketing knowledge, and after a couple of weeks, the website was booming and the calls kept flooding through.

Matt developed his skills through the ‘Wix Webmaster’ course and learned the ropes himself with the aim of bridging his clients marketing strategy with their website design.

We wanted to speak to Matt about the opportunities of being a Wix Partner and the power of the Wix Platform.

So, without further ado, here is our conversation with Matt from Vision Marketing.

“Tell me about your experiences with designing on Wix.”

“I have been using the platform for eight years now, I have seen the advancements in the capabilities it holds. Something which I realised quite early on in my experience with Wix is that there is a solution available for many businesses pain points, whether it be through Wix apps or the backend of Wix.

Wix’s community has grown which is brilliant to see. I have had a couple of suggestions for the platforms, ways or elements which could improve the functionality of the site, and the developers have taken them seriously and worked on improving the platform.

They listen to the community. Not only is this a great experience to have with the team, which is behind it all, but it proves that anything is possible with Wix, and it is absolutely a scalable platform.

It can be customisable, not just the website design side, but the platform as a whole. Wix allows for fully bespoke code solutions, again adding to the ability to be fully customisable.”

“Why, after first using Wix, did you decide to carry on using it?”

“I love how you can run your whole business through Wix, and actually advance your business. The backend of Wix provides customers with the ability to set up their own marketing campaigns over various platforms.

For example, I had a customer approach Vision Marketing. Their website was on Webflow and they wanted to improve their basic SEO. Although we don’t specialise in Webflow, we had a look into it and the basic information was wrong.

It would be difficult, lengthy and expensive to fix on Webflow so we suggested moving over to Wix. We replicated their website in Wix, and they absolutely loved it. It looked better, flowed better, ran better.

The SEO took off within days, at it took half the time it would have taken to fix their original site. I knew quickly that Wix would be the platform I would like to go forward with because of its capabilities in both the front end and back end.”

“In the Wix Partner Blog, I saw you did a website for ‘Code Zero Yacht’s’ which contained an extensive internal database. Tell me about how you made this possible.”

“The client approached us and explained exactly what they wanted for their website and asked, ‘Can we do it?’.

I replied ‘of course’.

A lot of the work went into the Wix Content Manager, this is where databases that display the data on the website can be edited and added to. Combined with the Wix Fetch API, we could collect a lot of information that was categorised in the database.

This would become search results on the website. The end result was fully dynamic and rich with content, the client was thrilled. This site, for me, solidified the notion that Wix Websites really can open a world of opportunities for clients.

There are no limitations on what you can do with a Wix website. The content manager allows for product pages, service pages, search results are many other functions.

The development side of Wix means you can have calculators on your website that display the user with instant quotes, and these can just be developed in the front of your site, without any additional plans needed.

Wix has an edge in the market with their development features and basic functions.

Another thing to mention, all Wix sites can handle all amounts of traffic without the need for extra servers or paying for premium plans. It has a solid foundation which has been developed over years, it’s a great platform and can only get better.”

“Has being a Wix Partner opened up new opportunities for Vision Marketing?”

“It has allowed me to be part of a growing and supportive Wix community. I regularly interact with the community. Everyone is willing to help each other and it’s great to see.

It has allowed me to collaborate with other Wix agencies and connect with business leaders. My network has grown through developing strong connections. It's an inclusive and supportive community which I am thankful to be a part of.”

It was great to speak to Matt and learn about Vision Marketing’s experiences with Wix. Matt understands the power that Wix holds, as do Digital Edge.

Thank you to Matt from Vision Marketing for your time.

Next, we will be speaking to Claire Scott from Claire Scott from Claire Scott Digital Marketing. Stay tuned!

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