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A Conversation with Ruthann Bowen.

We are back and chatting.

This week, we have been speaking to Ruthann Bowen from WixDesignHer.

Ruthann is based in Pittsburgh, PA in the US and specialises in helping female entrepreneurs off the ground by solving three main pain points through her website designing and building:

Getting your brand online.

Getting online exposure.

Managing your business.

Although female entrepreneurs are the target audience, Ruthann has worked with a variety of businesses across the globe from new website builds to providing training on using the Wix platform.

Working on Wix for seven years, Ruthann is now honouring a Wix Partner status and a Wix Certified Trainer status. Just like Digital Edge, Ruthann loves the capabilities that Wix provides for both agencies and clients. This is our conversation about everything Wix.

“Why do you love Wix?”

“There are a couple of reasons why, but first, the automations! With the right automations in the right places, you can make your business systems run smoothly. Wix allows so many connections between different places.

For example, when somebody signs up for my newsletter, they get an automated email to say, ‘Thank You’. Not only does this serve a basic function of recognition, but it also nurtures the client.

All business owners are busy, they don’t have the time to send individual emails, so this is a convenient method of keeping the connection with potential clients. There are loads of other automations that can be set up, you can just have a look through and choose the ones that suit your business and your business functions.

The apps that Wix offer are brilliant. You can add them to your website to increase the functionality your website holds. For example, Wix Events. You can simply add it to your website and input your time and date for your event to collect RSVPs or sell tickets.

And, this is hosted all on your website! Similar to Wix Bookings, your viewers can schedule meetings with you at your available times. All under one roof, so you don’t need to have third-party software like Eventbrite.

Not only are the apps brilliant for agencies as they can easily be added and styled, but for the client! They have all their information in one place. Any bookings, all their contacts, their events. It saves a lot of time, which my clients value highly.”

“Why is Wix brilliant for our clients?”

“I have used a couple of other website builders before, and none of them has topped what Wix offers. The backend of Wix websites is a whole CRM! You have email marketing, blogs, contact lists, social media schedule, payments and more.

You can run your whole business through your website, which isn’t something you can do with other website builders. You can manage everything from one place.

A lot of your systems can be connected from the backend in Wix’s Ecosystem. This is how I run my business, it is streamlined and efficient.

A Wix website can really be the hub of your business. No other website building platform even comes close to the backend development that Wix offers, it is revolutionary for businesses.

Wix’s updates are also really great for clients. No one wants to be on a website that’s flashing ‘Not Secure’ at the top. This is never an issue with Wix websites.

All Wix websites come with an SSL and top-class security features, so there's never a worry that a Wix website will go down due to outdated security.”

“What is your top reason why a Wix website excels over other websites?”

“As I mentioned before, you can run everything from one place. I work with a lot of small businesses and female entrepreneurs. They might have different apps that do different things, such as Hootsuite or Calendly.

So, they’re all separate from each other and can be hard to manage them in different places while growing your business. Not to mention the added cost and time which comes from that. So, when I introduce them to Wix and all the capabilities in the backend, they’re excited.

I teach them how to grow and manage their business all through their website backend, which you cannot do with other website builders.”

It was great speaking to Ruthann, passion spills out of this woman. Wix has allowed Ruthann to be in the position she is in today, therefore we both wanted to celebrate the opportunities that Wix provides.

Next, we will be speaking to Matt Konarzewski from Vision Marketing. Matt honours a Wix Partner status and has been using Wix since 2016, we will be speaking to Matt about the opportunities Wix offers.

Follow along on our social media for updates on our next blog... we will see you there!

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