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A Conversation with Rory Buckley.


If you have been here or a while, or you’re brand sparkling new here, one of our core values is ‘Collaboration’.

People grow off people, we learn from people.

As discussed in our previous blog, Digital Edge have started a new blog series where we will be speaking to other Wix agencies who love Wix as much as we do.

We spoke to Rory Buckley from 'Smoogles Design'.

Rory specialises in Wix design and has been using the platform for over 3 years now. Honouring a Wix Partner status, Rory sings the praises of Wix as much as we do.

Using both the standard editor and Editor X, Rory creates beautiful websites for a range of clients in various sectors. Without further ado, here is our conversation with Rory Buckley.

Both Smoogles Design and Digital Edge have recently been exploring the new and advanced Wix platform named ‘Editor X’.

“When it was first released, I think the whole Wix network was shocked. A big and exiting platform with all these new functionalities! I jumped straight onto it, six to twelve months down the line I am now comfortable with the platform. It was a challenge at first.”

“To learn the new platform, I created ‘LiftsInFilms’ which was a personal project, this prepared me to move Smoogle’s Design website over to the advanced platform.

I was collaborating on the set design in a lift scene for a music video. I started ‘LiftsInFilms’ to continue the collection.

Here I archived elevator scenes from Films and TV, this introduced me to adding elements and ensuring they were responsive to a range of screen sizes, preparing me for using Editor X for client’s sites.”

Editor X allows for heightened responsiveness for websites, with the ability to scale down text. So, no matter the screen size, the website will be stacked correctly. Meaning your website is more accessible and will be designed correctly, no matter how big or how small your screen is.

“Although it takes a while to learn, once you have it, you can do what you want with it. You have more control over each element of the website, like down to buttons.

You can set a percentage of how far you want the button to come away from the side of the screen, and even if you shrink the screen down, it’ll stay that percentage away. It’s brilliant. They really stand out from other websites, just with the responsiveness. It’s the way forward.

My own website is on the constantly evolving Editor X site, this shares my portfolio and services. I love collaborating with clients for the design of the website, which is why I created my Power Hour service.

I work with client's website live on Zoom to design their website. Recently, I have been meeting with local clients to redesign their websites in a day. I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Editor X is Wix’s advanced platform which many Wix agencies are starting to advance on. However, Wix’s standard editor is easier to use, yet can produce stunning results. We asked Rory about what Wix can offer clients:

“It’s a great platform to trial and run. A lot of my clients have come to me with a Wix website that they have created themselves, and they might want a retouch or some code adding.

But they've had a go themselves which is great. Sometimes I simply fill in the blanks, to help them get their website to 100%.”

Just like other website builders, Wix offers a range of elements for website design which allows us to create both stunning and streamlined designs. Rory has been using Wix for years and knows the elements and features which excel Wix, when asked his favourites, Rory said...

“The security. I have worked on other website builders previously and you would need to go back into the websites constantly to update the security or elements would stop working.

With Wix, the website security would update constantly with no manual intervention from us, which is perfect. No Wix website will ever stop working due to security.

Wix support is also brilliant. They listen to you and sort the issue on the phone. For agencies, this is brilliant as we can get the problem sorted quickly. For own built websites, it's also great to know you have that support and guidance.

Another thing, for agencies like us, you can become an expert with time and dedication. Then, you can help others from across the globe to help their website to excel.”

We really enjoyed speaking to Rory, Wix is taking off and it’s brilliant to sing its praises.

Check out 'Smoogles Designs' and the stunning websites that Rory creates.

Next on our blog series, we will be speaking to Ruthann Bowen from ‘WixDesignHerabout how Wix websites can be so much more than just a website.

For updates, follow along on our social media!

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