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What Is Wix Without Limits?

Digital Edge is Wix Without Limits.

What does that even mean?

We build all of our websites on the website development platform Wix. Standard Wix has templates and ready-made code, which can be suitable for some companies. But not all companies are the same and we know that. You shouldn’t have to change your business to suit the given functionality.

This is when Digital Edge can help...

Whatever you want you can have. It’s like Christmas, all year.

We look at your business function, what you have and what you want to achieve. You tell us the journey you want your user to travel on and we can create the path. We can create exactly the path you want.

We don’t fit you into the boxes Standard Wix provides. There’s no more dealing with the off-the-shelve code. You don’t have to change or adapt your business functions to fit into Standard Wix.

Using Velo by Wix, we can build bespoke software. We build the element you need, tailored specially for your company. Velo allows for data management, customisation of Wix elements and more robust website creation.

Our team at Digital Edge has Wix Velo Masters and Experts. We know Wix Code inside and out. Consult with us, we can build anything you want.

Our coders can create dynamic pages and custom forms, backed by a database. We can integrate API’s into your website allowing applications to access data and interact with external software components. We can customise page elements behaviour with custom interactions.

For customers, this allows easy back-end management. Easily populate the database, without the need for additional pages, the dynamic page will remain responsive.

Read more about what our software can offer you using this link.

That’s Wix Without Limits.

We offer bespoke and personalised software and website development. The opportunities are limitless, no more being placed into a box.

Tell us what you want your website to do, we create exactly that.

We are Digital Edge and we are Wix Without Limits.

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