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Unleashing Global Success with Wix Expertise: Digital Edge's Export Journey


Digital Edge is excited to share the news of our nomination as finalists for the UMI Northern Powerhouse Export Awards.

This prestigious recognition highlights our unwavering commitment to international trade and the outstanding results we have achieved for our clients. In this blog, we want to shed light on the core driver behind our successful export endeavours: our expertise as Wix specialists.

Our unparalleled proficiency with the Wix platform has positioned us as global leaders, attracting clients from around the world seeking the very best in Wix solutions.

A poster for The UMI Northern Powerhouse Export Awards.

Mastering the Wix Advantage

At Digital Edge, our passion for Wix runs deep. We have honed our skills and expertise in working with the Wix platform, unlocking its full potential to create exceptional digital experiences for businesses across industries.

Our team of Wix specialists boasts extensive knowledge and experience, empowering us to deliver innovative, tailor-made solutions that help our clients thrive in the digital realm.

Globally Recognised Wix Prowess

Word travels fast in the digital world, and our reputation as the go-to Wix experts has reverberated worldwide.

Wix users, entrepreneurs, and businesses seeking cutting-edge website development, e-commerce solutions, and digital marketing strategies turn to us because they know we possess the unmatched prowess required to harness the full power of the Wix platform.

Seamless Cross-Border Solutions

Exporting our Wix expertise has been a natural progression, driven by the increasing demand for top-notch Wix services from businesses around the globe.

Our ability to seamlessly adapt and cater to diverse markets and industries has allowed us to transcend geographical boundaries and create impactful digital experiences for clients in different countries.

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Localisation and Cultural Sensitivity

Understanding the intricacies of various markets is crucial for successful exporting. Our Wix expertise extends beyond technical proficiency; we appreciate the importance of localising digital experiences to resonate with target audiences.

We embrace cultural diversity, tailor designs, and content to align with regional preferences, resulting in engaging and effective digital solutions that leave a lasting impact.

Collaborative Partnerships Worldwide

Our export success is built on strong, collaborative partnerships. We work closely with clients across continents, taking the time to understand their unique needs, goals, and brand identities.

By forging deep connections and fostering open communication, we create synergistic collaborations that fuel digital growth and drive exceptional results.

Driving Innovation on a Global Scale:

Exporting our Wix expertise has allowed us to tap into global innovation ecosystems. We stay at the forefront of industry trends, continually expanding our knowledge and exploring emerging technologies.

By infusing innovation into every project, we provide our international clients with unparalleled digital solutions that push boundaries and drive their businesses forward.

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While our nomination for the UMI Northern Powerhouse Export Awards is a momentous achievement, it is our unparalleled expertise as Wix specialists that sets us apart on the global stage.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence, combined with our deep understanding of the Wix platform, has propelled us to the forefront of the industry.

We are proud to be the trusted choice for businesses worldwide, helping them unlock the full potential of Wix and thrive in the digital realm. As we continue our export journey, we remain dedicated to delivering the highest calibre of Wix expertise, empowering businesses across borders to realise their digital ambitions.

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