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Presenting a website transformation: from brick walled dead end to an open gateway

A promotional graphic showing a wireframe of a website.

Within business, a website serves as the foundation of online presence. However, merely having a website is not enough; it must be optimised to attract visitors, engage them effectively, and drive conversions.

When our client approached us with their existing website, it became apparent that it was not serving their needs adequately. With little communication from their previous developers and minimal attention to SEO, the site was failing to reach its full potential.

With a full understanding of the importance of a robust online presence and how to achieve this, we supported them on a journey to revamp their website from top to bottom, implementing crucial improvements to improve its performance and effectiveness.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

At the heart of any successful website lies a solid SEO strategy. Without proper optimisation, a website risks being buried beneath competitors in search engine results pages (SERPs), making it virtually invisible to potential customers.

By incorporating industry-leading SEO techniques into our client's website, we worked to improve its visibility, drive organic traffic, and boost its rankings on search engines like Google.

From optimising page titles and meta descriptions to writing functional alt text for images, every aspect of the site was carefully tailored to ensure its search engine performance drove results.

SEO spelled out in stacked scrabble tiles.

Location Pages

For businesses operating in multiple locations, location pages are invaluable tools for targeting local customers and improving search engine rankings.

By creating dedicated location pages for each of our client's service areas, we aimed to increase their visibility in local search results and attract customers in specific geographic regions.

These pages provided essential information about each location, helping to establish our client as a trusted provider in their respective communities.

Map with a red pin.

Meta Data Optimisation

Meta data, including titles, descriptions, and tags, plays a crucial role in determining how a website appears in search engine results and influences user click-through rates. By optimising the meta data across our client's website, we made it more appealing and relevant to both users and search engines.

Engaging meta titles and descriptions were included to entice users to click on our client's listings in search results, while strategic meta tags helped search engines understand the content and context of each page, leading to improved visibility and ranking performance.


A laptop with Google open.

Improved User Experience (UX)

A website's user experience is a key factor in determining its success. A poorly designed site can frustrate visitors, leading to high bounce rates and lost opportunities.

By redesigning our client's website with a focus on user experience, we created an intuitive browsing experience that would keep visitors engaged and encourage them to explore further.

Clear navigation, intuitive layouts, and mobile responsiveness were prioritised to ensure accessibility across all devices and screen sizes.


A flowchart of UX design

Content Optimisation

Content is king! High-quality, relevant content not only engages users but also plays a significant role in search engine rankings.

By optimising the content on our client's website, we aimed to boost its relevance, authority, and value in the eyes of both users and search engines. This involved conducting keyword research to identify relevant search terms and integrating them naturally into the website's content.

From informative locations pages to detailed service descriptions, every piece of content was optimised to resonate with the target audience and drive meaningful interactions.

A screen showing google analytics.


A well-optimised website is essential for businesses looking to succeed online.

By revamping our client's website with a focus on SEO, user experience, and performance optimisation, we were able to transform it into a powerful tool for attracting visitors, engaging them effectively, and driving conversions.

From improved search engine rankings to improved user satisfaction, the benefits of these optimisations are clear.

As businesses continue to recognise the importance of a strong online presence, investing in website optimisation has never been more crucial. With our expertise in digital marketing and web development, we stand ready to help businesses realise their full online potential and achieve lasting success.

As always, Creativity, Collaboration and Outstanding Value were threaded throughout the whole project resulting in results which work for our client.

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