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Spark Learning Testimonial Reveals a Journey of Design, Coding, and Exceptional Value….

Katrina from Spark Learning gave us this glowing review!!

A graphic showing the before and after of Spark Learning Pals.

“We highly commend the entire team at We Are Digital Edge for their exceptional work. They go above and beyond to provide thorough and customized solutions that perfectly meet our unique business needs. What sets them apart is not only the quality of their work, but also their pricing, which aligns perfectly with our small business budget.

After six months of launching our online learning platform, we realized that our website's original format was hindering our growth and scalability. We reached out to We Are Digital Edge, and from the start, Janine made the experience incredibly easy.

She attentively listened to our concerns and ensured that our ideas were conveyed to the right people on their team.

Within a year, the We Are Digital Edge team completely transformed our online learning platform. The enhancements they made have made it user-friendly, easy to navigate, and streamlined our backend processes.

Our customers have been thrilled with the improvements, and we have received nothing but positive feedback. Working with We Are Digital Edge is an obvious choice for us and our customers.

Whether you need to update your website or are seeking professional advice to elevate your digital business, we highly recommend We Are Digital Edge. They will not only take on your project, but they will also not rest until you are completely satisfied.

We are proud to be loyal customers of We Are Digital Edge and plan to continue working with them indefinitely.”

A pile of books on a desk with an apple on top there are also pencils lined up and letter blocks stacked on top of each other.

At Digital Edge, we're proud to receive such high praise from Katrina at Spark Learning, a testament to our commitment to achieving excellence in everything we do.

Katrina's commendation highlights our team's exceptional work in both design and coding, showcasing our ability to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to Spark Learning's specific business needs.

We take pride in going beyond the expected, ensuring our clients not only get a visually appealing design but also a seamlessly functioning and user-friendly website.

Our collaboration with Spark Learning began in September 2022 when they approached us for a complete website refurbishment.

We redesigned their site and implemented intricate coding work such as configuring the client's calendar to display the correct time worldwide, creating member pages, student profiles, a registration page, virtual stickers, and integrating a Wix booking app.

A child taking notes while wearing headphones with his laptop open.

Further enhancements included adding a booking page for user access and creating new dynamic pages to improve the overall user experience. The introduction of a pen pal program for students and parents further demonstrates our innovative approach to every project.

We deeply appreciate Spark Learning's loyalty, and Katrina's positive words reinforce our commitment to delivering outstanding value in every aspect of our work.

Our core values of Collaboration, Creativity, and Outstanding value guide us in ensuring that our clients not only meet but exceed their digital goals.

If you're considering a website update or seeking professional advice for your digital business, trust Digital Edge to transform your vision into a digital reality.

To Check out Spark Learning’s website, click on the link -

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