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Showcasing S&J Engineering and Fabrication Services

A mac mockup showing the website design for s&j

At Digital Edge, we love a challenge, and when S&J Engineering and Fabrication Services, a well-established business without a digital footprint, approached us, we saw an opportunity to create an exceptional online solution from the ground up. Tasked with not only creating a website but also launching social media channels, our goal was clear - to place S&J into the digital world with a solid online presence.


The Brief

S&J presented a clear vision - they didn't just want a website; they wanted a digital space that clearly showcased their identity and services. They wanted to stand out in the often-competitive world of welding and fabrication websites. Their mission was to have a vibrant website that would tell their story and captivate potential clients.


A mac mockup showing the quote section of the s&j website

Our Strategy

Our approach was comprehensive. We looked into examples of what S&J wanted to avoid, aligning our strategy with their clear objectives. Thorough research within the welding and fabrication sector set the foundation. Design sprints pushed creative boundaries, generating concepts that surpassed expectations.

Regular reviews and collaboration sessions during the build phases ensured alignment with the project's vision. When building the site, we carefully considered navigation, colour schemes, fonts, and imagery. The result was a website that not only adhered to industry standards but redefined them.


The Outcome

Our partnership with S&J resulted in a web and social presence that significantly drives engagement. The modern website enables S&J to effectively convey their services and expertise, serving as a platform for showcasing their work and engaging with businesses. Our collaboration extended to social media, creating marketing plans to keep S&J in the public eye and drive traffic to their website.


Some screen shots from pages on the s&j website.

Client Quote: Over the Moon with Digital Edge

"Digital Edge has done some amazing stuff to our website and social media. Our website looks so fancy now, and we're talking to lots of people online. We're over the moon with what Digital Edge has done."


Your Project, Our Next Success Story

Our strategy is about bringing your vision to life, respecting industry standards, and delivering innovative solutions.

If our strategy reflects your vision, it's time to take action. Let's discuss how we can make your vision a reality.

Contact Digital Edge today and embark on a journey toward an exceptional web presence. Your project could be our next success story.

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