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Meet Tanis: Unleashing Innovation with Wix Velo at Digital Edge

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At Digital Edge, we pride ourselves on having a team of talented experts who go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. Today, we want to shine the spotlight on Tanis, our world-leading coder in Wix Velo. With his unparalleled skills and passion for software development, Tanis has become an invaluable asset to our team and our clients. Let's dive into his inspiring journey and the impact he's making at Digital Edge.

Before joining Digital Edge, Tanis pursued a career in secondary education as a mathematics teacher. While teaching, he realised he wanted to make a difference in a different way and add value through his work. This alignment with our core value of "adding value" led him on a path of exploration and growth.

Having previously worked in finance, Tanis knew he wanted a career that offered more independence and excitement. That's when he discovered North Coders, a coding course that promised to unleash his potential in the world of software and coding. Eager to seize this opportunity, Tanis enrolled and quickly became a coding prodigy, impressing instructors with his clean and effective code.

After graduating from North Coders, Tanis embarked on a search for a coding job that aligned with his values. That's when Digital Edge caught his attention. Drawn to our vibrant and innovative company culture, Tanis joined our team in May 2022, opening a new chapter in his professional journey.

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From day one, Tanis showcased his remarkable aptitude for learning and adapting. Our comprehensive training program for new starters helped him familiarise himself with Digital Edge's verticals, including website design, marketing, and software solutions. Tanis's exceptional skills allowed him to complete the training in record time.

As Tanis dove headfirst into his role, he thrived on the challenge of tackling diverse projects every week. The dynamic nature of web development at Digital Edge exposed him to a wide range of experiences and constantly pushed his boundaries. While every day presented new problems to solve, Tanis's growing expertise and previous encounters made finding solutions a quicker process.

Tanis's work at Digital Edge extends beyond technical proficiency. With a deep understanding of the education sector, he has impressed clients by creating intranets for schools, demonstrating his comprehensive grasp of the structures required. His ability to relate to client's needs and deliver exceptional results has earned him a reputation for excellence.

When asked about his day-to-day responsibilities, Tanis emphasised the exciting nature of his work. Every day brings new projects and fresh challenges, allowing him to indulge his passion for building innovative solutions. What sets Digital Edge apart for Tanis is the level of independence, trust, and effective time management within the team. The absence of micro-management enables him to thrive and deliver his best work.

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Looking ahead, Tanis envisions an exciting future at Digital Edge. As we expand our team, he sees himself working on internally-driven projects, taking control of our own destiny. With his determination and commitment, Tanis will not only tackle client solutions but also manage the team entrusted with bringing our ideas to life.

At Digital Edge, we admire Tanis for his technical expertise, easy-going nature, and fun-loving personality. His enthusiasm and dedication inspire us all, and his contributions are vital to our success. We are proud to have Tanis as part of our team, constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with Wix Velo.

Businesses across the globe are searching for solutions Tanis can resolve. Tanis embodies our commitment to taking you beyond...

If you're ready to unleash innovation and elevate your online presence, Tanis and the entire team at Digital Edge are here to turn your vision into reality. Let us empower your business with cutting-edge solutions and a passion for excellence.

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