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Driving Sustainability through Innovative Website Development

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Digital Edge's Commitment to Sustainability

At Digital Edge, we are proud to be at the forefront of sustainable website development solutions. Our collaboration with Return Ware showcases our dedication to pushing the boundaries of the Wix platform and leveraging advanced technologies like Velo Code and Wix APIs to drive positive change. By extending the capabilities of Wix, we are demonstrating how website development can contribute to creating a greener future.

Unlocking the Potential of Velo Code

Velo Code, a powerful development tool, allowed us to go beyond the traditional functionalities of Wix and develop custom solutions tailored to Return Ware's unique requirements. Our skilled team of developers utilised Velo Code to create intuitive login areas, seamless user interfaces, and efficient tracking systems. The flexibility of Velo Code empowered us to transform Wix websites into sophisticated platforms that could handle complex operations seamlessly.

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Harnessing the Power of Wix APIs

Integrating Wix APIs was a pivotal aspect of our collaboration with Return Ware. By leveraging Wix APIs, we seamlessly integrated systems such as container tracking and payment processing into the website. The integration of the Stripe API, facilitated by Wix, allowed us to create a robust payment system that incentivised timely returns and ensured the sustainability of Return Ware's business model. With Wix APIs, we were able to bridge the gap between Return Ware's vision and the functionalities required for their digital platform.

Future-Proofing the Solution

Digital Edge's commitment to innovation and future-proofing is evident in the solution developed for Return Ware. We built a scalable architecture that can accommodate the growth and expansion of the business. As Return Ware plans to introduce additional plastic carton sizes, cups, and other offerings, our solution provides the necessary flexibility to accommodate these future developments. Our forward-thinking approach ensures that Return Ware can scale their operations seamlessly while continuing to promote sustainable practices.

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Celebrating Return Ware's Impact

Return Ware's mission to eliminate single-use packaging and create a zero waste food experience is truly commendable. Their dedication to sustainability aligns perfectly with Digital Edge's core values. We are honored to have collaborated with Return Ware and supported their vision through innovative website solutions. The success of their project in Brighton serves as a testament to the power of technology in driving positive change and inspiring greener practices in communities.


The collaboration between Digital Edge and Return Ware demonstrates the immense potential of sustainable website development. By leveraging Velo Code and integrating Wix APIs, Digital Edge went beyond the norm and developed a powerful digital platform that revolutionised Return Ware's operations. Our commitment to sustainability, coupled with our expertise in Wix development and advanced technologies, allowed us to contribute significantly to Return Ware's mission of eliminating single-use packaging. Together, we are paving the way for a greener future, one innovative website solution at a time.

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