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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: A Short Guide

The manic weekend is nearly upon us. If you have not yet started the deals, unlike the rest of the internet and have waited for the weekend, we have some tips to exceed this year on both days.

Depending on your business, Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be a major point for sales in the year. The big weekend falls around payday this year so there is more anticipated activity for consumers.

With remnants of the pandemic still lingering, shoppers may be likely to avoid the crowded high street and stay online. Meaning your online strategy is should have maximum impact, more now than ever.

Here’s how to optimise your online presence to enhance your sales this weekend-

Use every platform you have.

Be all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Show your reduced products on your social media for your audience to browse between. A short video showing your best deals will definitely grab your audience's attention, with changing consumer habits, videos are the way forward.

You don’t need to be told the strength of social media again, you know where your audience is spending most of their time. Populate your stories with all of your deals and reduced prices, turn it into a reel for Instagram which can be utilised on your Facebook.

If you are in E-commerce, Pinterest may be the platform you are missing. Pinterest is for creating aesthetic boards, browsing through home décor and everything pretty. Place your deals in a photoshoot and get them on Pinterest. Linking your website will lead your customers on a designated journey, heading to buying your product as their final destination.

Get into your audience's inboxes.

Email marketing is a brilliant tool for displaying your products. Highlight your chosen ‘best’ deals, place images and prices into an email and send them to your client list.

Encourage upselling.

Both online and in-store, provide the customer with related products to increase the sale. Selling the idea of discount could persuade your audience to buy more of your products, through either cross-selling and upselling. A great tactic may be “People who bought this, also bought this”, leading down a path of suggested products and increasing the overall sale. Provide a better solution to the customer's needs.

Stand out.

Everyone does the same Black Friday tag lines. “It’s Black Friday, have 20% off sitewide”. It hardly screams excitement. Play it smart. Think of a catchy headline, grab your audience's interest. Black Friday is not a game of discount, it’s a game of attention.

Stay out.

Why make your deals a weekend job only? Providing value to your customers all year round assures the sales keep flowing. Consider integrating the discounted prices into your yearly sales tactic.

Whether you are a business owner or a shopper, we hope your weekend is successful and good luck!

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