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About Herbal Gin

The Herbal Gin Company is owned by Dr Colin Scott, a recently retired doctor and Wayne Richardson, a business owner and engineer. Both have worked with Digital Edge on projects previous to The Herbal Gin and so we had an already good relationship. Colin and Wayne set up their dream business of making Gin with a unique blend of herbs. The two are very ambitious and aim to become a leading Gin company in the Uk and beyond.

What they wanted

The Herbal Gin Company came to us with a logo and labels for their gin bottles. Digital Edge built on the initial designs and built a brand around this. Digital Edge created an eCommerce website where The Herbal Gin Company could sell their gin products.

Marketing Support

The guys have never been involved with online selling and required some consultative support with this. Digital Edge provided this support and provided a marketing plan to which the directors took on board and implemented with great success. The consultancy included social media support, PPC, Social Ads, hard copy and aligning strategic partnerships.

Continued Support

The website has gone through a number of iterations since Digital Edge first designed the website. There have been a number of new ranges and also seasonal gift sets. Digital Edge has been on hand at every turn and The Herbal Gin Company knows that they can rely on us to deliver what they want and need.