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Happy First Birthday to Digital Edge!

We are 1 year old today!

Digital Edge was officially launched on the 4th of October in 2022.

Many of us can’t actually believe it has been one year!

Well, let's have a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Digital Edge’s first year, what’s gone on?

Digital Edge launched!

Many of our closest clients and friends partied and celebrated with the Digital Edge team on our launch night at the ‘Aviator Gin Bar’. We had special guest speakers and lots of drinks. Everyone had a brilliant night.

We had an article in the local newspaper, explaining all about our new services and what we could now offer as Digital Edge.

The sign of Ian in a bikini sadly left the street, many people still miss this. But don’t worry, we still made sure it reflected us.

Many of the team became clued up on software quickly. This was brand new to many of us, having only focused on design and marketing.

Digital Edge started going live! Every Friday we went live on Facebook, we brought one of our close friends onto Zoom with us to have a chat! They provided us with helpful tips and insight into their field of work.

Our first speaker was Simon Clayton, a marketing guru! We were joined by many more of our closest clients and good friends such as Ben Race, Johnny Woods and John Doyle.

We introduced ‘Staff Member of the Month’ into our monthly team meetings to celebrate the individuals who achieved excellence within the month.

Halloween came and we celebrated it in the only way we know how to... dressing up in inflatable costumes. Graham won the competition of scariest dressed, for obvious reasons...

Our Dursley office got ready for the Dursley light switch on and looked spiffing in their Santa hats.

We started to show the world just what Wix Velo can really do through adding bespoke features on our website, such as a fully coded fetch API which can receive pictures from NASA’s database.

The local community started to react to this, we started to code CRM systems for business park residents with our low code software.

A couple of Digital Edge’s closest friends joined us for a very competitive pancake race in which Neil O’Connor from Fleet Recruitment won!

The team headed out to listen to the brilliant Sara Davies speak about her new book and her struggles in business, which was motivational for the team.

Aycliffe Business Park held their 2022 ‘Make Your Mark Awards’ in Redworth Hall. The whole of the Digital Edge team got all dressed and fancy for the night. Our very own Ellie won the ‘Apprentice of the Year’ award!

Digital Edge were a finalist for ‘Service Business of the Year’.

The whole team had a cracking night, as you can tell...

We welcome two staff members on board.

Ewan and Tanis joined the Durham office in May and have been excelling in their job role ever since. They have fitted in the team perfectly. We love having them here.

Digital Edge started pushing the boundaries of Wix and breaking ‘impossibles’. Scott, our software developer, created the first ever connection between Wix websites and EPOS Now till systems.

EPOS Now till systems and Wix websites can now be synced across the world, with all transactions, prices, stock and customers automatically syncing from both locations.

Digital Edge won a Wix Partner award for our exceptional work as a Wix Partner. We champion Wix, it’s great to see the community giving back to its supporters.

Ellie spoke as a panellist at the ‘Aycliffe Business Park’ networking event about her recent win and working at Digital Edge.

We were featured in an article on a design website, where we explained how we collaborate with our clients. Want to have a read? Click here:

Digital Edge started a new blog series where we spoke to Wix agencies from around the globe about why they love Wix websites. We made great connections with great people who we look forward to collaborating with in the future.

Ian did some crazy things. Well, Ian has been doing crazy things all year, however he dipped into an ice bath with Breakout Media. This was five minutes of screaming with website tips weaved throughout.

He also appeared on their podcast, speaking to Mike Lewis, his friend, about the triumphs of merging a business and how Ian embraces the chaos in his life.

Throughout all of this, Digital Edge have been expanded their visibility within the local area.

We have been designing and building beautiful Wix websites for clients in a range of sectors.

Our team have been upskilling themselves on the Editor X platform to provide clients with highly responsive websites on all screen sizes.

Low code software has started to take off with many people believing in the power of Wix and the value that it offers.

The team have been leading in their roles, with all departments growing because of this.

Our first year as Digital Edge has been outstanding, and we wanted to thank our clients. We have been so lucky to make connections with business leaders across the globe and start collaborating with them on projects.

It has been a great year here at Digital Edge. What does our next year look like?

Well, we cannot tell you too much right now...

But it will be big. It will be exciting.

We are developing platforms which will blow your socks off.

All we can say is, just you wait and see.

We will be speaking about this more about this within the coming months, so keep up to date on our social media and blogs.

One year down, let's see what the next years brings!

Bring it on!!!!!

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It's been one amazing ride so far. Here's to another year with our cracking team.

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