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A Tale of Digital Transformation…. Let’s find out more!

Within the healthcare and investment consultation industry, an online presence that reflects the values and expertise of a business is crucial. This was the challenge facing Victoria Advisory, a Paris-based consultancy firm with a vision for growth and a need for a website that reflected their business.

Victoria Advisory initially struggled with an outdated Wix Standard Editor website. While it might have served it’s purpose in its early days, the site was failing to represent the evolving nature of their business. The design was basic, the interface lacked responsiveness, and an overall revamp was imperative.


Enter Digital Edge, armed with a commitment to transformation and a knack for understanding the unique needs of our clients. We embarked on a comprehensive redesign and build project, using the Wix Editor X platform.

Recognising the importance of collaboration, we worked closely with Victoria Advisory's design team and within 6 weeks, created an integration of their vision into a modern, responsive website which promised a smooth user experience.


Our strategy was twofold. Firstly, a closer look at Victoria Advisory's client base provided insights that influenced the style and structure of the new site. Secondly, a collaborative effort with their design team ensured that the new brand identity reflected their business.


The outcome was incredibly transformative. Victoria Advisory now boasts a website that not only mirrors the sophistication of their business but also provides the flexibility needed for future growth.


Full web page screen shots of the Victoria advisory website redesign

One of the key considerations was to empower Victoria Advisory with a website they could manage, update, and adapt as their business continues to evolve. The revamped site serves as a platform that can be easily moulded to suit their changing needs, putting control firmly in their hands.


Aesthetics and functionality aligned, the refreshed website attracts the desired clientele. Victoria Advisory has successfully stepped into the 21st century with a modern website that communicates professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to staying ahead.


The collaboration with Victoria Advisory exemplifies Digital Edge's commitment to not just meeting but exceeding client expectations. It's more than a website redesign; it's a partnership aimed at propelling our clients toward digital success.


This project demonstrates our expertise, our commitment to collaboration, and our ability to breathe new life into online identities. With our help, Victoria Advisory now stands equipped, ready to make a lasting impact.

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