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A look over 2021, A look into 2022.

My goodness, wasn’t that a quick year?!

Here we are in 2022, blink and the 3 for 2 gifts will be in the shops again.

We will be taking a brief stroll back through 2021, shall we link arms?

Digital Edge was born out of two companies that specialise in Wix. Two companies merged in the October of 2021, opening new opportunities for the offices. We held a brilliant launch party and had the privilege of speaking to our clients.

Joining forces, we were able to become a force in design, software development and marketing.

We told you it would be brief.

Now, 2022.

This year we are focusing on our software solutions. Over the coming months, Digital Edge will be speaking more about software, what software actually is and how it could benefit your company.

Don’t run for the hills, software is not as complicated as you may have thought. We will explain everything to you, we will meet you where you are.

Software is like a mini whisk or a three-blade blind cleaner. Something you never realised you needed and saves you a hassle.

You may never need to spend hours inputting client data into a database ever again.

We will also be ramping up 'Digital Dursley'. Our team will still be holding free networking events in Dursley, Gloucestershire. Aiming to bring in specialists in different business areas, we will be progressing with our aim of building a thriving local business community.

Does that sound like something you are interested in? Watch out for our blogs and social media content or contact us! We are more than happy to sit with you and provide you with digital solutions for your business.

We are going to the next level in 2022, are you coming with us?
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