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What is Wix?

Over the next 6 weeks, we will be doing a range of blogs focusing on the Wix platform, covering a range of topics. More will be revealed in the coming weeks, however...

We are commencing this with an overview of the Wix platform, so you’re in the know.

So, let’s get crack-a-lacking...

Wix is a website builder. Just like WordPress, SquareSpace, GoDaddy.

You can build websites on Wix, just like this website. The one you’re on right now, this is built on Wix!

However, unlike other builders, Wix is based on drag-and-drop elements. There is no coding needed for your home pages and subsequent pages.

Home pages, product pages, stores, contact forms... you name it. It can be made on Wix.

Let’s look at it a little deeper.

Wix has a standard editor and Editor X. Standard Editor has a whole load of features to use, Editor X has all of them and even more.

Standard Editor is a perfect option for a range of different websites. They offer a tonne of features that can be added to your website, from galleries to apps.

Website’s on the standard can be built at speed, with elements such as ‘Theme manager’ branding can be copied through the site. We may not be able to get your site up for ‘tomorrow’ but we can offer you a time-efficient schedule for your project.

The standard editor allows elements to be displayed in the middle of your screen, with provided margins. However, this can be mitigated by adding aligned strips to move content to the side of the screen.

However, with Wix’s new Editor X, the workspace has been improved. Elements can be added outside of the central margin, making for more robust and detailed websites.

Editor X sites are more responsive, having 3 breakpoints instead of Standards 2 breakpoints. Editor X allows websites to be modified for desktop, tablet and mobile at a minimum, other screen sizes can be added.

The website's elements will remain responsive to the screen size, so everything remains uniform if you maximise or minimise the screen.

Now, the big question: Standard or Editor X?

Well, that entirely depends on what you want.

This is where we help. Digital Edge has extensive knowledge of both editors and will provide you with a recommendation on which platform we see most suitable.

We have been using Wix since 2017, so we know it like the back of our hands. Constantly discovering new possibilities of Wix, our team are pushing the boundaries of Wix. We will talk more about this in a later blog, hold your horses.

The choice is yours. Depending on your sector and desired results, a Wix website may be just what you need.

Our team love a chat, so contact us. Give us a call or join us in one of our two offices.

We’ll have the kettle on ready!

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