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CRM’s put simply.

“Is this software lingo that could mean anything to me?”

Absolutely not. I have your back, I will explain all.

So, around 40% of companies don’t use a CRM and 22% of salespeople don’t even know what a CRM is!

Oh boy, are we here to change that.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

But what does this even mean?

This is software, built especially for each company, that stores customer data. This could include tracking any conversations with a customer, creating projects, and following the progression. You can assign tasks to a colleague through a CRM.

“But why do I need to do this?”

A CRM can provide you with a 360-degree view of your customers, to enhance your relationship with your customers. Providing your customers with a loyal and personal service can lead to a longer-lasting and stronger relationship.

Not all CRMs are the same, they are bespoke to each company. Each company has their own processes and systems, and this is where to start.

A CRM can complement or replace your company's legacy systems.

But what else can they do:

They will drastically improve the communication in your business. Not just between your company and your clients, but internal communication from colleague to colleague as well!

If response time to clients is a challenge within your business, automated communications can be installed into your CRM. Emails, texts, invoices can be automatically sent to your clients after a trigger.

It can provide you with a deeper knowledge of your customers, which can open whole new avenues for your marketing strategy. Stored in your CRM will be your customer's gender, age, profession, location... this is gold for your marketing!

Through audience segmentation, you can target campaigns for each of your clients. The more niche, the better.

This can also help you to assess your growth as a company. It will reveal data you may have never realised before through being able to filter your clients to uncover statistics.

A CRM will help you track your progress with clients. Through team training on the CRM, each interaction with a client can be tracked. The progress is kept up to date and assigned to an individual/ team.

This can lead to a seamless journey for the client and efficient projects as tasks are easily picked up.

“Wow! That does sound good!”

I know right!

“How do I get one of these CRMs?”

Well, you are talking to a specialist right here! We are software specialists and love a good natter with our clients. Digital Edge will take the time to understand your business inside and out, to the point where we could work with you.

Only then can we start creating your CRM. So we can ensure we are providing you with the most effective and efficient digital solution for your business.

Here's a tiny snippet of code from the CRM Digital Edge built for ourselves!

“Well, this sounds amazing, what’s the first step?”

Contact us! Our software specialists can consult with you and discuss your options for your sparkling new CRM system!

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