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About Rocket Architecture

Launching in 2019, Anthony Boyce headed up Rocket Architectural Design with two colleagues. Being a new startup, they needed to be distinctive within the architectural sector, displaying themselves as the individuals they are.

What they wanted

Anthony of Rocket Architects approached Digital Edge in 2021 with a need to have a quality online presence. As with many businesses that come to us, Anthony just needed a website. We don’t believe in ‘Just’. We believe in bespoke website solutions that depict your company in a suitable manner and inform clients of what you do.

How it Worked

Rocket wanted to be able to update easily and without the need to get in touch with Digital Edge every time they made a change. So we created dynamic pages which are created from a simple database built into the back end management system.

This means that the Rocket team can create pages that are well designed without needing to create pages at all. Rocket simply place text and images into a back end database that resembles Excel and a new page is created.

How did Digital Edge do?

Digital Edge didn’t do what the client wanted, we did what they needed. Rocket were trained on how to use the website so that they could update and change when required. Wix’s great back end management system provides a dashboard with incredible marketing tools which are simple to use and very useful to the business. A stunning website that shows off Rockets incredible Architectural designs.