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About Foxy Wine

Foxy Wine, a brand new concept was set up by Steve Johnson of JPS Procurement. Digital Edge provided Steve with a great website for JPS and Steve did not hesitate to use Digital Edge for his latest project. Steve, a real connoisseur of wine needed full branding, website and also wanted marketing advice to push his new brand out there.

What we did

We set about creating a logo and brand for Foxy Wine. We wanted the brand to exude a connoisseur's characteristics and because of the name, we used a fox as the avatar. A sophisticated fox that knows his wines. We wanted to use sophisticated textures and striking colours for the brand to stand out.

Once we created the branding we designed and built the website. We wanted customers to get to the wines they wanted fast. We wanted to create a site that says connoisseur but also has a great user experience. The end product looks great and is easy to navigate.

Once we had created the site and completed the branding we worked with Steve on marketing strategies. This has been ongoing for over a year and Steve is running this himself now with the odd call to Digital Edge to support his thoughts.

Back End Manager

Digital Edge provided training for Steve and his team so that his team are able to use the Wix website management system and marketing integrations. Steve has impressed Digital Edge with his use of this and he has proven that the back end management system when used can be a very powerful tool indeed. He runs his email marketing campaigns from here along with automation and stock control. It has increased sales over the last year and improved the customer experience. It has also helped support Steve with his social media ads and we are now working with the Wix Facebook ads AI which is in a trial period at this time. Digital Edge are trialling this product at this time and up to now is proving as reliable as an actual Facebook Ads account manager.


Steve loves to call into Digital Edge to liaise with the team and update us on his progress. We have a great relationship that is proving to be beneficial for both parties as we can learn things from Steve as a keen user of the Wix dashboard.