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Integrate your Epos Now Point of sale system with your Wix Store using our simple Wix App.




The first stop for your customers is your website. It should reflect your business and nurture your clients.


We will consult, set expectations, design, build and publish your site. You remain at the centre, the power of your website is yours.

Digital Edge offers Wix without boundaries because we are Wix Masters. We can teach you how to grow your site simply. 


We provide outstanding value every time through partnering with our team of design experts, layout your dream and we make it real. 


The developers here at Digital Edge are some of Wix’s most recognised coders, honouring a Wix Velo Master status. 


We specialise in Wix Velo, achieving limitless software solutions. Digital Edge can create almost anything, we can integrate custom code into your website.

Software developments may save your company time and money, simply tell us your issues and we create your Wix Velo. 


Your impossible is our possible with Digital Edge’s Wix Velo Masters. 


Wrong time, wrong place is real. You need the right message, going to the right people, at the right time. 


We place ourselves in the shoes of your business, find your target market and suggest the best solution to deliver your message.

Digital Edge can create a bespoke marketing strategy that is researched saturated, data-driven and client-focused. 


It starts with a conversation, tell us where you want to be found and we build your online presence with confidence. 


Create maximum impact and long-lasting effects with your company graphic design through collaborating with Digital Edge.


A cohesive brand that matches a business identity guides your customers, Digital Edge keeps your needs at the centre of your marketing.

We can help you define the look and feel of your brand, we provide as much guidance as you wish. The power is yours. 


Amazing design may not save the world but it makes it look better and it certainly can save your business.


By offering a full service in digital marketing, we can provide value in each step of your journey.


As a business owner you want the majority of your time spent on what makes you happy


Usually that does not involve keeping your stock level up to date on your Wix Store

The Epos Now app by Digital Edge keeps your Wix Store inventory up to date with your Epos Now point of sale back office.


Just link your products and leave it to be.  


Let us give you comfort knowing that you need not to worry if your pricing on your website is up to date.


Just install the app, turn on Live Price Sync and let the app do its thing!

Even if your prices differ between epos now and your Wix store then that doesn't matter.

With our Price Sync Adjuster your Wix Stores products can be a percentage or a value higher or lower than your Epos System.


As business owners we understand that speed and efficiency is key. We also understand that quality and speed don't always mix and things get missed. 

Let our Live Transaction feed do the work.

You don't need to worry about managing two systems any more.


Our Epos Now application will feed your Wix Stores orders directly to your Epos Now back office. While its at it it will also adjust the stock on your Epos Now back office.


Are you a Epos Now user but are looking for a easy solution to your web store?

Our Epos Now integration will let you import your products directly from Epos now into Wix Stores.

Not only can we pull them into Wix Stores we will also give you a range of settings to do so. 

Including importing your Epos Variants as Wix variant products.